Our trip aboard the « Bretagne »

On November 27th 2008, we went to Roscoff to go on board the ferry boat, the
“ Bretagne ” .It was 3 p.m. when we left to Plymouth .

Once on board, our class was divided into four groups so that we could visit the bridge and its different manoeuvres as well as the engine room .We were explained how it all works .

We really enjoyed our trip because it was very interesting .It also reinforced our motivation for our future job .Actually, we were lucky to visit most of the ship .

It was the first time we had visited the professional part of a ship .We could realize to what extent this job requires responsibilities . Indeed, the sea traffic In the Channel is very busy , and there is always some risk for the passengers and the crew .

Finally, we came back in Roscoff at 8a.m. the following day . Some of us were very tired because they spent the whole night speaking with the crew !

That was a great experience for all of us . We would like to thank the company and the crew for all they did for us .

The pupils from the Filière A form .

sur la passerelle le groupe